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Thanks to our deep experience gained in numerous implementation projects for manufacturers in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia we can offer highly optimized solutions tuned up to specific kinds of production. Time-proven solutions designed to answer specific needs of particular business sectors significantly reduce the amount of time required for the implementation, and therefore the time for the benefits of the implementation to become clearly visible. With the business-specific solutions supplied by GEMMA Systems, the transfer between information systems no longer has to be a costly and time-consuming process.

For some business sectors we offer several parallel solutions (based on various products), while for others we recommend a single product only. Particular business-specific solutions are built on different products selected to fit the needs of respective types of enterprise and/or production.

GEMMA Systems’ portfolio of business-specific solutions keeps growing in line with the rising number of customers and the level of professional experience of our consultants and project managers. Should you miss in the list of business-specific solutions one suitable for your own line of business, please feel free to contact us.


Business-specific solutions divided by type of production


Because of the manufacturing enterprises widespread in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic and the number of customers from this business segment, we can now offer business-specific solutions for the manufacturing industry built on all of the three basic ERP products supplied by GEMMA Systems:

A business-specific solution for the manufacturing industry built on the  information system is only one of possible solutions suitable especially for small and medium enterprises.

Electrical industry

A list of recommended products:



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