Johns Manville Slovakia smoothly upgraded onto Infor ERP LN 6.1

Since 01.01.2011 Johns Manville Slovakia, one of the largest Infor clients in Slovakia, runs 100% on Infor ERP LN6.1.

In the 10th year of running stabile Infor BaanIV solution, Johns Manville Slovakia a Berkshire Hathaway company, decided to upgrade to the Infor ERP LN6.1, Infor leading ERP technology. Data plus existing mature BaanIV solution represented by more than 200 complex customizations were smoothly transferred to the new Infor ERP LN6.1. In addition to transfer of existing new processes were optimized according to specific needs of Johns Manville Slovakia. Complex controlling system respecting US GAAP and Johns Manville corporate standards, reporting directly to Johns Manville corporate systems, was transferred without single day of operational interruption.

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