Infor EAM

No matter whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, government office or service supplier, you need reliable asset management software. To reduce costs and increase profits, more than 10,000 organizations worldwide use Infor EAM, and this is a solution that can help you, too.

Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) is an efficient asset management and maintenance solution. While independent from an enterprise information system used, Infor EAM can efficiently communicate and share important data with the system.

A best-in-class combination of base modules and advance modules offers a unique portfolio of functions with which Infor EAM can be adapted to specific needs of every company.

Infor EAM uses a web-based architecture, and any of the commonly used internet browsers can be used for connecting to the solution on the application server. Users can change the application look and feel.


By optimizing the utilization of company resources and consequently their productivity and by increasing the asset useful life and simplifying the warranty management procedures, Infor EAM helps its users save money and time.

Infor EAM reporting tools support companies to make better-informed decisions to optimize asset performance and improve overall productivity.

Typical customers can be organizations that manage large numbers of company assets with a wide range of related warranty or service terms and conditions. Such companies may include bigger-sized manufacturers, service providers and distributors, state administration authorities, etc.

Infor EAM sets of modules range from base modules to advance energy management and fugitive emissions/CO2 management modules.


a) Base modules

  • Asset
  • Asset Management Services
  • Audit Trails
  • Budget Management
  • Call Center
  • Inbox/Scorecard
  • Inspection Management
  • Materials Management
  • Messenger
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Work Management

b) Advance modules

  • Analytics
  • Calibration
  • iProcure
  • Databridge
  • GIS Integration
  • Mobile
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Web Services

Base modules 


INFOR EAM helps maximize productivity and asset life. In this module, companies identify, track, locate and analyze their physical assets (location, cost history, warranties, claims, permits and other documents).

The system allows you to set up an unlimited hierarchical parent-child asset structure (a so-called family tree).

Asset Management Services

The Asset Management Services module is designed for organizations that sell services to other companies. Customers can use the module to maintain time, material use and labor costs, and later use the data in commercial agreements, invoices, etc.

Audit Trails

The Audit Trails module provides a flexible way to track changes to data, comments and attributes in Infor EAM tables.

Budget Management

The module automates budget setup and subsequent monitoring, control and analysis of associated expenditures.

Call Center

Infor EAM offers the ability to centralize incoming maintenance requests. The module provides all the information needed to handle maintenance requests.

Inbox and Scorecard (with KPIs)

The Infor EAM home page (so-called Start Center) contains two sections: Inbox and Scorecard.

The Inbox functions as a “to-do” list (requisitions, work orders, etc.) for a current user.

The Scorecard displays a graphical depiction of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) status based on defined parameters.

Inspection Management

The Inspection Management module gives companies more asset maintenance control over condition monitoring. The module allows automatic generation of corrective work actions based on inspection results.

Materials Management

The Materials Management module offers tools to monitor and control inventories. These tools (including economic order quantify (EOQ) calculations) support transactions like receipts, issues, returns and cycle counts.


The Messenger module enables user-defined recipients to receive automated e-mail notification for pre-defined events, such as the submission of a requisition or the receipt of a part (i.e. any database changes).

Project Management

Infor EAM handles complex or simple projects by automating the project management process from initiation to completion. With the ability to organize budgets, labor and equipment for projects, companies can reduce the amount of time, personnel and money spent on a project.

An interface between Infor EAM and Microsoft Project is provided.

Purchasing Management

The Purchasing Management module helps companies ensure that the right parts are ordered and keep up with delivery times, vendor payments and goods receipts.

Work Management

From installing new equipment to issuing corrective or preventive maintenance work orders, the Work Management module tracks all aspects related to work performed on assets. The ability to track and manage work requests, labor, planning and scheduling allows companies to make the most of their resources while improving productivity.


Advance modules


One of the most powerful assets a company holds is its data – whether it is data about inventory, purchase orders, warranties, production, manufacturing costs, or employees.

A company however needs to be able to do more than just collect and manage data.

Infor EAM Analytics gives business managers tighter control over the state of their operations through analysis tools and a powerful data warehouse. The system provides a single point of view that incorporates data from any number of disparate sources to help businesses:

  • Collect asset data using Infor EAM
  • Analyze the data and model „what if“ scenarios to predict future performance
  • Make better-informed decisions to optimize asset performance and improve productivity

The module offers detailed, flexible reports and charts.


The Calibration module provides a comprehensive calibration program for the equipment that requires calibration. The module allows users to maintain the data of the tools that perform actual calibration tasks.

21 CFR 11.

Secure electronic records and signatures are critical FDA requirements especially within sectors like pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. This advanced module includes electronic signatures, multiple approval levels, record snapshots, a high level of security and configurability, and the ability to track various changes made to the database.


This module automates the procurement of spare parts by connecting buyers to Internet markets and by automating quoting and purchasing procedures. The module extends and optimizes the functionality of strategic purchases and purchases of small parts. Via the Internet, users can manage and monitor the overall purchase procedure.


Databridge Messaging is a Java based XML integration solution intended for business documents, designed for the integration with various enterprise management applications (ERP), whether Infor products or others.

GIS Integration

The Infor EAM flexible architecture allows customers to integrate Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping software for a web-based solution to address their unique environment.


The Mobile module makes it possible for users to work with the data on mobile workstations and allows users field-based access to databases and retrieve or update appropriate data.

Advanced Reporting

The module provides the ability for organizations to build custom reports, in addition to using predefined reports. Advanced Reporting is a web-based solution that helps organizations to maximize utilization of the data gathered in the system.

Web Services

Web Services are synchronous request and response programming functions that enable application integration and extend Infor EAM functionality through customizable user interfaces.

Infor EAM – Asset Sustainability Edition

The deteriorating global warming state and necessity of reducing energy consumption costs are the main reasons for extending Infor EAM with new Asset Sustainability Edition (ASE) modules.




Energy Integration Program

Energy Integration Program - factoring asset operating performance (energy consumption) into maintenance strategy and activities.  PM intervals established based on optimizing energy consumption.

Fugitive Emissions Management

Fugitive Emissions Management - refrigerant tracking and management in accordance with EPA Guidelines; 15% leak rate threshold for comfort cooling and 35% leak rate threshold for refrigeration; automatic follow up standard inspection and correction; EPA reporting.

Alert Management

Alert management is a system alerting of existing asset condition deviations against preset limits. The system supports “repair or replace” decisions.

CO2 Management

CO2 Management determines direct and indirect CO2 emissions attributable within the operating asset hierarchy level.  CO2 emissions are correlated to standard metrics to facilitate mitigation planning, analysis and audit.


Planning offers possible solutions to allow asset optimization. For assessment purposes, a so-called G.A.S. index is used.

G.A.S. Index = Availability * Output * Quality * Energy efficiency

  • Availability = total downtime / scheduled time
  • Output = actual output for scheduled time / projected output for scheduled time
  • Quality = total production – failures or rework / total production
  • Energy efficiency = projected energy consumption / actual energy consumption

Procurement Engineering

Procurement Engineering helps organizations to manage the accomplishment of environmental requirements and regulations.

Preconfigured KPI

Inbox and Reports: Sustainability reports, GAS index KPI, FCI KPI, preconfigured E-mail inbox alerts for anomalies, etc.

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