Infor Baan 5

The Infor Baan 5 (formerly Infor ERP Baan 5, SSA Baan ERP, Baan 5.0c) information system is represented by a set of integrated components that can be configured and supplied based on specific needs of a particular market segment, industry sector or customer.

The Infor Baan 5 system has powerful and sophisticated manufacturing control, distribution control, financial control and project control features and integrated EIS (MIS). The uniqueness of the Infor  Baan 5 information system lies in the integration of DEM (Dynamic Enterprise Modeling) tools extended with sector-specific reference models. These tools allow continual adaptation of the information system to changing internal as well as external conditions under which the organization operates. The features and the architecture of Infor Baan 5 are independent of the operating system, HW platform and databases used. Infor  Baan 5 represents a proved by time and reliable solution sought after by customers for its unique manufacturing features and fast implementation.

Infor Baan 5: Application

The application functionality has been designed to support both smaller and big-size companies. Big companies can also use the integrated multi-company functionality (financial and logistic companies and their combinations).

Infor Baan 5: Distribution

Using the powerful logistics features this handles sales procedures (sales and marketing information, a wide range of prices and discounts, quotations, contracts, orders, registering of product and goods stocks, packing slips, bills of lading, shipping, generation of invoices, case evaluation, etc.) and purchasing procedures (inquiries, contracts, inspections, claims, warehousing, location control, inventory analyses, etc.), their statistics, history, planning and forecasts, maintaining records in multiple currencies, electronic data exchange (EDI), integration with the graphical interface, etc.

Infor Baan 5: Manufacturing

This handles demands on the product uniqueness, variability and quality, maintains work center data, BOM (Bill of Material) data, routing data, generic links, allows several types of calculation, cuts the product life cycle, flexibly responds to the CODP (Customer Order Decoupling Point) that defines the level at which each type of production changes from planned to customer-specific. The functionality allows complete production administration, project and order management, network planning, MPS, MRP II, PRP, CRP, financial analysis of the MRP/CRP, product classification, etc. By means of ODM functions the engineering data, BOM data or routing data can be linked with CAD drawings or PDM/ PLM systems or other specifications linked as attachments to any applications..

Infor Baan 5: Finance

Infor Baan 5 Finance is an adjustable and efficient control tool for the area of financials with possible access from screen graphs to more detailed information at various levels. Its structure allows multi-company financial management where payments can be made centrally for a group of companies or business units. Based on defined dimensions five separate financial books can be maintained, which allows analyzing and viewing financial records from five different angles. The incorporated „parent-child“ relation system then allows access to information at a proper level and in an appropriate structure for different countries and financial systems. Infor Baan  5 can work with multiple currencies at all levels, and handle daily and spot exchange rates. Besides processing in batches, Infor  Baan 5 Finance allows real-time transaction processing. Several calendars each of up to 99 periods can be used, which allows daily control of business transactions by fiscal year as well data maintenance for tax reporting purposes by calendar year. Legal compliance and functional localization of Infor Baan 5 Finance has been certified by the accounting and tax audit.

Infor Baan 5 Project

It is suitable for companies that conduct their work based on projects, with several projects simultaneously in progress. The projects are maintained from the moment of entering of an inquiry-based initial quotation, through the actual supply, up to the post-warranty service. Control principles are applied to optimize the efficiency of costs spent, while observing all scheduling and quality terms.

Infor Baan 5 Enterprise

This is a managerial tool used to improve the company management based on setting performance indicators to allow the evaluation of business results using Ishikawa diagrams. It is designed to gather accurate business control information necessary for the company management.

Infor Baan 5 Service

This is designed to maintain installation, service, repair and maintenance activities whose monitoring is important. Including such features as service orders, contracts, links to projects or orders, installation conditions and components, calculations, localities, warranties and warranty conditions, periodic maintenance, inventory control and case history monitoring, Infor  Baan 5 Service provides a comprehensive service-control tool.

Infor Baan 5 Tools

This is a set of powerful development tools that can be applied to create new or modify existing applications based on the 4GL language. A wide range of communication standards, databases, operating systems and user interfaces can be used. Availability of tools necessary for actual program development, translation, documentation and maintenance is provided here.

User Interface

Infor Baan 5 uses standard user interfaces. It can run both on workstations and terminals. GUI client for Windows (BW client) and ASCII for terminals are available. Newer Worktop user interface and Webtop (web-based) user interface that uses a standard web and does not require installation on the client PC part are available. Other desktop applications can easily be integrated in the web-based user interface, thus making it the user‘s main working tool.

Open Architecture

The open architecture of Baan Tools ensures complete transferability of a developed application independently to all types of hardware, operating systems, databases, user interfaces and networks. All created applications can be applied as Client/Server, allowing access to one or more remote and distributed databases on different systems..

Hardware for Infor Baan 5, Porting

Infor Baan 5 allows porting to various hardware platforms with uniprocessor control, SMP and MPP, e.g. IBM RS/6000, HP 9000, SGI, Cray, Siemens-Nixdorf, Sequent, COMPAQ, BULL, SUN, ICL, Intel x64 and others.

Databases for Infor  Baan 5, Porting

RDBMS environments are used to support database processing. Infor  Baan 5 supports the most widespread databases at present: ORACLE, Informix, DB2 and MS SQL Server. The application supports simultaneous on-line connection of several databases. Using the Infor Baan 5 conversion package, data conversion from/to other applications is conducted. Infor Baan 5 can be run on a single server or distributed to several servers (an application or a database).

Operating Systems for Infor Baan 5, Porting

UNIX, Linux and MS Windows Server platforms are supported. For UNIX, these are POSIX compliant operating systems: IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Sinix, Irix, etc.

The Infor  Baan 5 information system is an object-based solution containing eight tightly related application packages. These are further divided into several thousand functions (objects) the interaction of which can be configured using hundreds of parameters (and the DEM). Infor Baan 5 can further be modified using the 4GL tool of Infor Baan 5 Tools or by the incorporated SQL. By selecting proper functions, parameters and with minimum customization a unique Infor Baan 5 variant tailored to each specific customer can be set up, while retaining the Open Systems standard. In conjunction with the unique Infor Baan 5 structure of versions a possibility of direct upgrading to higher versions is maintained. Infor Baan 5 runs on its own transparent Baan-shell interface which contains all drivers for the supported hardware and operating systems, databases, user interfaces, solution architecture, etc. This solution allows the implementation of Infor  Baan 5 in every Open Systems compliant computer environment. Infor Baan 5 supports all five Client/Server architecture definitions.

System Administration

For system administration and maintenance purposes there is a set of powerful system tools available for system administrators, which includes for example implementation tools (installation software, system configuration support, user administration with defining user authorizations), device administration for defining output devices, batch administration, database administration, etc. The SQL is used as an inquiry tool for database searching purposes. The system also supports version control/release, which allows maintaining of several versions of the same application components simultaneously at the same development environment and prevents the customized software from overwriting during application updating.

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