Infor ERP LN: An Advanced Solution for Manufacturers

Infor LN 6 is a representative of the latest generation of the ERP systems from Infor Glogal Solutions for the area of discrete production and hybrid production for small, middle and bigger-size companies for those customers who are looking for a fully integrated functional solution.

The system functionality in conjunction with company structures and production processes can very easily be adjusted to specific customer requirements. This reliable and sophisticated solution offers a multi-language environment, compliant to applicable laws of the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and other EU countries. The solution grants the customers an added value that provides a basis for further grows. The open architecture of Infor LN offers variable and flexible user interfaces allowing cooperation with other applications and thus integrating an extended ERP solution and ensuring a high-level return of investment.

Infor LN (former nfor ERP LN 6.1, SSA ERP LN/Baan) is a continuation of former Infor Baan IV and Infor Baan 5  (former Baan 5.0) ERP systems, and represents a great advance, mainly in increasing the users’ work efficiency, „slimmed“ processes, integrating production and supply chains based on open standards, cutting operation costs, and increasing the quality of support services. For more than 6500 customers who use the Baan IS as well as for customers who are looking for a new sophisticated and advanced solution, Infor LN is a proper way for migrating to an ERP system of a new generation, safeguarding former investments. Infor LN is supported with more than 25 years of experience and specialization in ERP systems for manufacturing companies. For Infor Glogal Solutions, Infor LN represents a fundamental product for the area of discrete and hybrid production, therefore under continuous development and perfection. The Infor Company clearly declares its intention to transfer its customers that use any of its former products to this one.

Advantages of Infor LN

  • Prompt responding to customer requirements
  • Support for integrating into supplier/customer chains
  • Lower production and operation costs
  • High productivity of labor
  • Extended functionality based on the latest state of the ERP system development
  • A global solution for more than 100 countries worldwide
  • Fully integrated extending strategic solutions
  • Low purchase costs, high and secured return of investment
  • Regular innovations and longtime service support

Main Features

Modular Structure

Infor LN is an integrated solution that can cover a wide range of business functions.

Dynamic Enterprise Modeling

Infor LN contains a fully integrated modeling tool that allows graphical presentation of business processes and includes functions allowing fast and efficient implementation with multiple supported localities and simplifying selection and parameterization of business processes with automatic application setting. Important factor is that from the very beginning of the implementation all processes are visually fully documented and possible later changes or improvements can therefore be carried out very quickly. Workflow is part of the integration. Reference models for various discrete or hybrid production types are part of the offer.

Excellent Production Support

Infor LN supports all discrete production methods and types known including the project-based production, make-to-order production and assembly, make-to-stock production, repetitive production and assembly-line production of highly configurable small quantities. JIT, serialization and lot control and lot tracing features are supported. Infor LN offers the Leanware production concept.

Possible Multi-company Arrangement

Infor LN supports company-level or group-level processing of financial and logistics transactions. Various inter-company arrangement scenarios can be defined in the system. Depending on the scenarios used, the system generates automatic inter-company transactions and allows sharing of the selected data in all companies of a group. Working from multiple localities is supported.

User-friendly Interface

webtop1.gifA new thin client-based web interface that fully supports transaction processing offers adjustable user profiles and individually adjustable layouts of particular sessions, and easy-to-handle information and record filtering functions. This user interface brings fewer windows, less clicking, and is user-friendly. The webtop uses a standard web viewer, which does not require any installation on the client PC part. Other desktop applications can also easily be integrated in the webtop user interface, which makes this interface a main tool for the user. A fully contextual and user-adjustable XML-based help system is available. .

High Productivity

New extended functionality offers simplified and slimmed processes and procedures. Using flexible step linking, particular business processes can efficiently be automated. The work requires fewer screens, less clicking and entering fewer sessions. Fully personalized screens and dashboard-type sessions that provide aggregated information from key IS areas are available..
Dashboard screens act as a common point of access to a number of sessions using which planners, purchasers, production supervisors, salesmen, economists and servicemen can easily control their processes. An advantage of the dashboard screens is that they display only relevant information, and it is indicated whether detailed information is available. This concept significantly reduces time losses due to seeking the required information.

Centralized Server Solution

Used hardware, operating systems and databases are application independent, and make up a reliable and powerful server platform. There is central user administration and management. The authorization system allows administration by user role or by user at the session/table/table item level. The Infor LN system administration tool, Enterprise Server, offers mechanisms for change control by means of table change audits, profile change audits and security record checks. The system is Sarbannes-Oxley compliant.

Integration and Communication

Full integration with MS Office products is available. For the cooperation with other applications there is the Infor Technology Architecture open platform with the Infor Open World interface available, using SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, JDBC, Java and other established standards. In the communication area, models B2B or B2C for EDI, EDIFACT, ODETTE, Corba, XML and other standards are available.

Important Customers

  • Machinery

    Komatsu, ABB, Andritz, Kalmar, Alstom Liebher, Rolls Royce, Husky, Metso, OTIS, Solar Turbines, Brugman International, Brill, Gildemeister, Heimer

  • Electrical Engineering, Electronics

    NEWAYS, Philips, MSL, Thrane, Barco, Hitachi, Elcoteq, Flextronics, Soletron, Tyco, Siemens

  • Aircraft and Defence

    Boeing, Sypris, Piper, Stork, Bae Systems, Telair, Gulfstream, Drissen, Bombardier, CAE, Dutch Aero

  • Automotive, Transport

    Honda, Ferrari, Dana, Paccar, Visteon, Aprilia, Magna Donnelly, Volkswagen

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