Infor SC Scheduler: An Advanced Planning Tool

Waiting is a problem

In many supply chains a product „waits“ for more than 90% of the time. It waits until a work center is ready. It waits until a material is issued. It waits because the product has been produced ahead of schedule. It waits simply because activities have been conducted at improper time and uncoordinated. Here comes a chance to save millions and importantly increase your ability to reflect market trends. Companies that succeed in synchronizing activities, eliminating wasting and cutting their inventory stocks and response times can thus increase their competitive force.

Synchronization is a solution

Synchronizing of logistics activities is a solution that results in eliminating of idle times. This however is not a simple task. To coordinate a big volume of data to ensure uninterrupted flow between all your sites requires a planning system with very specific capabilities.

From an overview to details

When the information system works with a huge amount of data, it is important to supply a user only with information that he/she needs and in a form that he/she needs for his/her work. For example you may want to see inventory levels of product group „A“ in branch sites in Slovakia. You may also want to analyze missing parts of the „A“ group within the entire production chain or only in Northern Moravia. Or you need to know which orders of customer no. Z123 are behind schedule, etc…

While planning you have to know the effect of various factors on the company as a whole. But to understand all circumstances when making your analyses you have to be able to drill down through all levels to the deepest level of detail. Our supply chain solution shows the most important constraints at each level as well as activities affected with those constraints. This is necessary for you to focus on the main problem.

Intelligent Simulation

Intelligent Simulation: Elimination of risks and estimation of problems before they actually appear.

The main purpose of the simulation is to be able to estimate global effect of a decision. What happens in case work center P43 is out of operation for a week? How will this affect a supply plan and a delivery schedule? Planner and Scheduler show the effect of the change (shutdown of the work center P43) both on the input (a change in the supply plan) and on the production chain output (a change in a shipping plan). These applications can promptly visualize results of unexpected defects, changed requirements and other negative events in a production schedule. And this is not all. The „what if“ analysis allows you quickly and without having to change the entire plan simulate the effect of any changes.

A Proved Supply Chain Solution

Solutions based on Infor SC Scheduler are widely used in industrial enterprises as well as in supply chains worldwide.

Possible Integration with Various Products

Our architecture helps the companies to increase the efficiency of previous investments in their present information systems. Our consultants are prepared to discuss possible connecting of your existing information system with the Infor SC Scheduler application.

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