Infor LN

Infor LN  (Enterprise Resource Planning) software provides the robust functionality you need for full visibility across your enterprise.

Infor LN software provides the robust, out-of-the-box functionality you need for full visibility across your enterprise. From production management software for manufacturing to comprehensive value stream mapping, our solution provides all the necessary tools to hone your organization into a truly lean manufacturing system. Infor ERP solutions are designed by industry experts, many
with decades of experience in their fields. Whether you produce highly complex products from distinct parts and components or goods made by blending a variety of ingredients Infor ERP software can help you reduce operational costs, gain better visibility so you can make better, faster decisions, and deliver the right product at the right time, keeping customer promises. In a market where no enterprise can afford to run bloated, Infor ERP provides the manufacturing intelligence software you need to keep your organization lean, agile, and ahead of the competition. Learn more about Infor's leading-edge ERP solutions.

GEMMA Systems offers three parts of the Infor product portfolio:

Infor LN

Infor LN represents the latest generation of ERP systems from Infor Glogal Solutions for the area of discrete production and hybrid production for small, middle and bigger-size companies for those customers who are looking for a fully integrated functional solution. The system functionality in conjunction with company structures and production processes can very easily be adjusted to specific customer requirements.

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Infor SC Scheduler

Infor SC Scheduler is an advanced planning and scheduling tool that works based on a wide range of parameters. When calculating plans, Infor SC Scheduler applies the TOC (Theory of Constraints) principles. Infor SC Scheduler can be attached to any ERP system desired as a powerful performance improvement tool.

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Infor Visual

Infor Visual is a business control system for small and middle manufacturing companies. It is a comprehensive ERP solution for those companies that want to increase productivity, and improve cost control and profitability. The VISUAL Manufacturing system offers a complete range of control tools necessary for middle-size manufacturing companies..

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