GEMMA Systems: A Partner of Infor

Who is Infor?

Infor is the third biggest business software provider, with the income of approximately USD 2.1 billion, and the biggest software company in the world. Infor supplies fully integrated business solutions for a wide range of industry sectors as well as best-in-class independent solutions that can supply their users with accurate information from company resource planning, logistics relation, customer/supplier relationship management, cost control, product life cycle control or Business Intelligence areas. With its 8 100 employees working in 100 countries worldwide, Infor provides business solutions to more than 70 000 customers.

What are the Solutions that Infor Offers?

Infor’s product strategy – a customer is the number one – is a basis on which the objective to grant the customer an added value is based.

Infor open architecture based solutions are designed to grant the customers full control over their business processes which are essential for their success, and to allow them promptly respond to changes in their industry sector. The open architecture of Infor offers a range of advantages and can play an important role in helping companies of all sizes improve their competitive force.

Infor Solutions include:

  • Corporate Performance Management (CPM), which provides a clear view across a range of internal applications, data sources and business processes necessary for performance measuring and control purposes, introduces business intelligence principles and increases the efficiency of decision-making..

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which allows specific multi-party, multi-currency and multi-language planning, setting up of schedules, and responding to production requirements and requirements for resources from individual departments, production entities as well as distributors with branches worldwide.p>

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM), which grants companies overall control over their supply chains as well a possibility of more sophisticated supply-chain planning and execution, warehousing and transport management..

  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM): This provides a powerful Internet-based communication tool that extends our SCM solution and helps the customers better manage their suppliers and respond to changing customers’ demands..

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): This controls relations with customers at every point of contact, inclusive the integrated marketing, commercial and service aspects.p>

  • ECommerce contains purchase and sales control solutions that allow participating of the back-office ERP systems in the virtual on-line community or portal, simplifies transactions with companies and extending of customer services..

  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM): This helps companies efficiently control the deployment and performance of their facilities, machines, tools, vehicles and other fixed assets..

  • Human Capital Management (HCM): This is designed to control human resources, which includes labor recruitment, wages, incentives, self-service sales, training, and performance control. .

  • Financial Management (FM): This provides companies with information necessary for handling global economy financial aspects, financial accounting and budgeting as well as for reporting and analyzing purposes.p>

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): This improves control over the compliance of products with the specification management, product data management and contents and document change management..

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