Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) is an open business information system of the ERP category for middle and bigger-size companies. The functionality covers most of the business processes of distribution-oriented and manufacturing companies.

axapta_dynamics_ax.jpgMicrosoft® Dynamics™ AX is an integrated and adjustable business control solution that will provide you and your employees with reliable decision-making support tools. The Microsoft Dynamics AX solution works similarly to the well-known Microsoft products and cooperates with those products. It automates and simplifies your business procedures, connects you with global customers, business partners and affiliates to help you succeed and strengthen your competition force.


  • The interface similar to and cooperation with the well-known Microsoft products
  • An easily adjustable and highly scalable solution
  • An advanced technology designed to support the company growing
  • Customer, supplier, business partner and employee relationship management
  • Robust and comprehensive functions from a single source
  • Supports operations in different countries, affiliates, languages and currencies

Main Features

Microsoft Dynamics AX in Automotive mfgThe Microsoft Dynamics AX solution can support all areas of your business. You can choose from a complete range of offered modules including those listed below:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Financing
  • Finance Control
  • CRM
  • HR Control
  • Business Analyses
  • Enterprise Portal with the integrated Microsoft®SharePoint® Services module
  • Reporting Services with Microsoft SQL Server® 2005
  • Web services and interoperability with the .NET platform with Microsoft Visual Studio® 2005
  • Business document exchange and integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006

Interface similar to and cooperation with the well-known Microsoft products

Microsoft Dynamics AX in Automotive mfgThe Microsoft Dynamics AX solution will grant you precedence over your competitors by automating important business processes, eliminating repeated data entering and helping your staff in prompt and informed decision-making necessary for increasing your profit potential and meeting customers’ requirements. And they work in a familiar environment and use Microsoft Office type applications that they know well.

In contrast to some other business control systems, Microsoft Dynamics AX uses standard VisualStudio .NET and BizTalk Server 2006 based adapters. Microsoft Dynamics AX, based on such innovative Microsoft products as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server 2005, integrates processes related with the financial, customer relationship and supply chain procedures. And users can work with Microsoft Office applications that they know well.

An easily adjustable and highly scalable solution

The layer-based application architecture of the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution allows you to adjust a particular level without affecting functioning of other parts, thus reducing risks and costs of future adaptation and innovation adjustments.

You can adjust the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution to your specific business processes to be able to respond promptly to changes in the market, which will help your company and staff to follow market trends more efficiently. Besides this the powerful basic solution can further be extended with specialized, industry sector specific, modules.

An advanced technology to support company growing

ITandMgmtConsultingThe Microsoft Dynamics AX solution reflects your business and technological needs. Your employees can directly access the information they need, while managers can control access to sensitive data.

A three-layer object-oriented architecture of the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution allows the integration with other Microsoft products like Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Thank to this high server operation performance can be reached and the solution is easily scalable according to your specific needs. It is a solution that grows along with your company.

The object-oriented architecture of the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution differs from many other competitor systems by allowing scalability both „bottom-up“ thus answering the needs of big distribution-oriented companies, and „top-down“ responding to specialized needs of small companies.

Easy connection and communication

Microsoft Dynamics AX simplifies the communication and cooperation with business partners by introducing electronic exchanging of documents. Business activities can easily be Internet extended, thus opening the company for customers worldwide for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can set up web functions using the same integrated set of tools that you used for developing client functions for Windows. Thanks to the integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution allows connecting both to big companies that use advanced integration standards, and to less sophisticated systems of small businesses. You can also use the XML standard to simplify the supply chain, increase accuracy and speed up manufacturing, sales and shipping procedures.

Global Solution

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a real global solution able to support different branches, languages and currencies for more than 30 countries, inclusive local taxing, regulatory and marketing aspects. The Unicode format allows using multi-byte character sets. Thanks to the ability of simply adding new branches, languages, currencies and local functions your company can benefit from all the advantages the global market can offer.

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