Ready PSA

ReadyPSA is a software solution designed to support main business processes for companies specialized in providing (selling) services.

Below you can see a definition of what in general the PSA acronym means, as expressed by the Aberdeen Group:.

„The PSA is a software system designed to support main processes of service providing organizations to help them utilize their manpower more efficiently and streamline the project progress to reduce the time and costs spent and to raise their sales.“

source: Aberdeen Group

Prospective ReadyPSA users

Prospective ReadyPSA users are companies and organizations that sell the valuable time of their specialists. In other words, companies that sell services and products the price of which is adequate to the time spent on the preparation of those services and products.

These may be for example (alphabetically sorted):

  • Architects
  • Auditors
  • Designers
  • Graphics art studios
  • IT companies
  • Consultants
  • Law offices
  • Translators and interpreters

In general, ReadyPSA suits to either of the following companies:

  • Companies that employ more than 20 people


  • Companies that operate distributed (have their employees deployed in several cities)

Time monitoring is most important for capacity planning purposes, which means to know whether with our available capacities we are able to supply a required service or product within a scheduled time or not.

Another important thing is to have accurate records (timesheets) of the actually spent times. A timesheet serves as a basis for proper invoicing and allows you to check the project efficiency at a fixed price.

ReadyPSA helps you to handle the following problems

  • Unsatisfactory resource management methods
  • Late identification of capacity conflicts
  • Non-existence of capacity conflict solution rules
  • Inefficient utilization of available internal capacities
  • Employee training organization problems
  • Too much operative planning (e.g. the outlook for a next week only)
  • Non-regular, incorrect or nonexistent hours reporting (reporting/statements of the work done for customers)
  • Difficult and labor extensive checking of data completeness necessary for invoicing

ReadyPSA is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM based solution. We have decided to utilize the existing comprehensive sales control and relation management functionality already contained in Dynamics CRM, and the seamless integration with other Microsoft products like the Window server Active Directory, SQL server, web-based SharePoint solutions, and Office and Outlook products.

Thousands of companies that use Dynamics CRM worldwide have proved the platform stable, powerful, flexible and user-friendly.

Main solution benefits

  • Easy hours accounting (people have their scheduled activities pre-set)
  • Monitoring of direct and secondary costs (accommodation, freight costs)
  • Data generation for invoicing
  • Efficient manpower allocation (more balanced resource utilization)
  • Increased working time capacity utilization efficiency (minimum granularity of chargeable time is one hour)
  • The solution supports the management in their resource related decision making
  • Simplified project management
  • Clear activity planning
  • The solution supports performance analyses and project financial efficiency analyses
  • Well-arranged data and activity plans directly in the Outlook calendar

ReadyPSA helps the following people to improve their work efficiency

  • Resource
    • Work schedule presented in Outlook calendar
    • Immediate reporting of finished work
    • Easily available information about tasks and dates
  • Project Manager
    • Easy project-specific resource planning
    • Current view of finished and unfinished work
    • Easy data preparation for invoicing
    • Immediate view of capacity conflicts
    • Analytic evaluation tools
  • Resource Manager
    • Data for easy handling of capacity conflicts
    • Well-arranged planning table
    • Analytic planning tools

ReadyPSA can provide the following analytic reports

  • Resource
    • Worksheet
    • Work schedule
  • Project manager
    • Current capacity utilization
    • Capacity conflicts
    • Invoicing, with details attached in an attachment
    • Project timing, resource and financial analyses
  • Resource Manager
    • Resource capacity utilization
    • Capacity outlook
  • Management
    • Resource utilization
    • Efficiency, profitability

A well running PSA system allows the company management to concentrate on things of high importance for the company grows and profits and free them from idle everyday routine. Elimination of the occurrence of errors and data incompleteness that may result from manual data entering and from the absence of process management is a certainty.

A secondary effect of the implementation of the ReadyPSA system is gaining a powerful sales control Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Return of Investment

Return of costs invested in the ReadyPSA system depends on the company size, on the efficiency of the currently existing system and on the organization of work.

Should you be interested, we are ready to discuss any your requirements in detail and offer you a solution to satisfy your specific needs. Contacs us.

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