Microsoft SharePoint Portals

Microsoft SharePoint provides a wide range of solutions to support cooperation within the company as well as outside. Start now and join the real information sharing.

Do your people work with a wide variety of information? Do you e-mail documents and files again and again? Do you know which version is the right one? Do you need to schedule a meeting but cannot see your partners’ calendars? These are several reasons only why you should use Microsoft SharePoint Partner's Portal.

A Microsoft SharePoint Portal allows you to manage and share a safeguarded information base. Versioning rules as well as user-access rules can be set up for each document and each file. If for example an authorized user makes an amendment to a text of an agreement, the new version of the document will be saved automatically, and the old version will be archived. Never more you will work with an improper document version!

LogoWSS150.pngIt is easy to find the proper information quickly in the Microsoft SharePoint Portal. On the contrary, it is almost impossible to find such information in users’ e-mail boxes. And this is the reason why we have coupled Outlook with the Microsoft SharePoint Portal. We will keep the information in order for you! Speed is always of the highest importance. Set the workflow properly, and the workflow will then automatically direct the right information to the right people based on the content of a message or file. Never more you will forget to send a copy of an important message to anyone!

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