We constantly improve our support system to meet current demands and requirements of our customers and our employees.

What is Support web?

Support of customers and partners is one of the ways GEMMA Systems aims to ensure:
  • satisfaction with the provided services,
  • availability and sharing of information needed
  • quality, timely and easily accessible help
  • effective forms of two-way communication,
  • ease of use,
  • saving time and energy expended in resolving issues related to the implementation of the information system and the post-implementation phase to the maximum extent possible.

urad.jpgTo ensure, manage and successfully fulfill these objectives,  GEMMA Systems is trying to build a support system for customers who would most suit the current needs and requirements of both the parties and will by used by all  involved employees GEMMA Systems company - especially project managers, consultants, technicians and staff development. This system is based on using easy, effective, and now widely available access to the Internet. Through this, for all customers are accessible all agendas of the system designed for communication and support.

Prerequisites for providing the support

  • support contract
  • ensured access to technical support system
  • basic knowledge of using the Internet
  • be familiar with the use of the help desk support system

Agendas of support and communication

Communication Protocols (Komunikační protokoly)

is intended for communication between the GEMMA Systems and customers, ie recording, entering and overview of communication protocols or project tasks created between the GEMMA Systems and its customers during the implementation phase.

Customization Orders (Customizační objednávky)

is intended for desing and ordering software modifications (customizations),  ie the evidence, and providing current state reports of all customization orders.

Support Incidents (Support dokumenty)

is used for communication between  GEMMA Systems and customers in the post-implementation phase, ie the evidence of incidents (support documents), and providing reports of current state of all support documents.

Support (Podpora)

is designed for releasing  of the new software components, patches and customizations which standard or extened functionality. Furthermore, there are stored validation keys and various procedures.

Access for customers

 Access  is protected by username and password, assigned by GEMMA Systems company.


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